Google/YouTube cookie problems

  • I have YouTube and Google (the same entity, really) enabled as "favorites" with Cookie. However, I'm constantly being logged out of both Web sites. Here's what I've figured out:

    Cookie appears to label the login cookies from both sites as tracking cookies (after logging in, each site shows a red "2" after the site's name). Deleting those tracking cookies logs me out of both sites.

    I have Cookie set to delete tracking cookies when I quit Safari, so I must log in again each time I launch Safari. This is only an issue with Google/YouTube, and I have well over 30 favorites.

    Is there some way Cookie could be updated to recognize these special cookies and get around this inconvenience? Or are these some type of strange and unique cookie that will always cause a problem?

    Hoping for a solution…

  • Hi Tom,

    this is actually an easy fix.
    all you need to do is expand the Google domain,
    look for the RED tracking cookies.
    I think the one you are after is the NID google cookie.
    highlight it.
    right-click (control-click) to show the contextual menu.
    then select "Add to Whitelist"

    let me know how you go.

  • Russell,

    My testing shows that it's the SID cookie that holds the login info, not the NID one. What's odd is that after adding that to my whitelist and relaunching Safari, it appears that I'm logged out of YouTube again. But, clicking on the "sign in" button logs me back in without having to enter name/password. It's as if the site doesn't automatically recognize the SID cookie. It has to be directed to it by clicking "sign in". Something like that - I don't know exactly how it works.

    Thanks for the help!