Problem: won't delete flash cookies

  • Since the 12/27 update Cookie won't delete flash cookies. First I tried my usual approach: Remove All Non-Favorites. That had no effect. When I try highlighting a specific flash cookie and use: Remove. That won't remove even the highlighted flash cookie. I also tried various sequences of quitting Safari and quitting Cookie. Same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Yes,

    there is a bug in v3.0.24, it wasn't actually meant to be released.....
    v3.0.25 has been submitted for review, and should be available shortly.

    If you can't wait, I can give you a trial version of 3.0.25 to hold you over till the MAS version gets released.

    sorry for the inconvenience

  • Thanks for the prompt reply - it's good to know there's not something wrong at this end - and for the the offer. I can wait for the MAS release. I know where to find those pesky critters and will delete them there until Cookie's next release. Have a happy new year.

  • v3.0.25 is available in the MAS now!

  • Thanks for the prompt fix! Works fine now.