Requests - session save forever, menubar item

  • Hello,

    Great app! Quick questions:

    1. Session Save Forever
      I love the autosave session option with a choice of versions, but I want to be able to save a session and never have it pushed out. In other words, if I have autosave every 10 min/5 version enabled I don't want it to purge a session I choose to keep. Is it possible to pin a session that won't be deleted? So I can have 10 min/5 sessions enabled and pinned sessions as well that never delete. - If it had that feature I'd buy this app immediately!

    2. Menubar Item
      PLEASE add a menubar item/hide app in dock so I don't have to have the app open in my dock.

    3. I would like to see the autosave alerts disabled while any manual sessions saves do have alerts. It just gets tedious with an alert every 10 min on autosave.

    4. I have Big Sur installed, are there any current issues?

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi Jas,

    1. you can perform any kind of edit on an autosave session, and it will become a permanent session. ie change the session name.

    2. Do you need the app open? SessionRestore functions without the app open as long as you have the extension enabled in Safari.

    3. I cant see the benefit in having alerts for manual saves, as 'you know you just saved a session'. How about disbaling alerts altogether?

    4. As far as I'm aware, I don't know of any part from the obvious cosmetic issues. Ill be updating all my apps in the coming few weeks. I dont have it installed on my main machine as of yet, just an external ssd - Ive ordered a new M1 Air, and will be keeping this machine on Catalina until ive finished transitioning all the apps to Big Sur.

  • @sweetp


    To recap from our previous discussion, my 3 requests are, in this order:

    1. Ability to reorder windows/tab groups. You mentioned you'd get to that when you have time. Thanks! This is particularly important because I will use the app to store tab groups/windows because I currently have 30 windows open with 10-30 tabs each and it's slowing down Safari. So I'd like to save a session, rename and reorder the tab groups/windows, then close the windows in my current session of Safari. When I need them, I'll go back to SessionRestore and relaunch a given tab group/window.

    2. Add undo (Command + Z) when combining windows/tab groups for example. It would be nice if it functioned on all app actions.

    3. iOS/iPadOS app! That would be amazing to sync these tab groups!

    If those three things were added, I think the app would be nearly perfect!

    Another item if you feel it's worthy:

    1. Lock left panel SessionRestore session window. It scrolls in all directions.

    I have tried multiple apps for restoring and saving sessions and this is clearly the most advanced solution!

    Thank you for making great apps!