Where is the privacy policy for the Cookie app?

  • Just purchased the Cookie app. There was no privacy policy offered for use of the app. Given the purpose of the app, I was surprised. Did I miss it?

  • Im not sure I understand what you mean? can you clarify a little for me.

  • Hi Russell,

    How does the Cookie app/ Sweet P Productions use my data? Whenever I download an app, I am almost always shown the privacy policy of the vendor. My usage data accessed by the app. Is that data collected by SweetP? Is it shared with third parties? Hope that's clearer.

  • Ah sorry,

    I don't use any user data. nothing whatsoever is transmitted, from Cookie.
    I have no idea how ppl use Cookie, and don't track d/l's of Trial versions at all.
    I do have Google Analytics running on SweetP Productions, but rarely even look at it.

    To be honest, all I care about is making a quality app, and of course paying my bills.

    the Trial version checks my servers once a week for updates
    the MAS version validates its integrity with Apple (on Launch, and most likely checks for updates)

    I also have the list of the Trial user licenses - Name/Email/price they paid (mainly for reissue of lost licenses. (I currently don't send out any newsletters or such)
    I have no data at all about MAS purchases. Apple doesn''t provide me with any user data whatsoever.