wifi spoof keeps kicking me off the internet

  • the program was working before but lately when i open wifi spoof i am kicked off the internet and it won't reconnect. and it won't hold the new mac addy

  • @NTG hmmm,
    you could try changing the device type before you randomise your MAC address

    If that doesn't work, try a computer reboot.

  • i have changed it several times, as soon as i open wifi spoof I'm kicked off the internet, i have rebooted the computer many times to try to get this to work, i have clicked on the helper as well and sometimes i get message that the helper is no longer connected

  • If you have a Mac from 2018 or newer, then you need to be using macOS Catalina (or newer)

    MAC address spoofing is disabled (by macOS) for these devices.