Lost all my tabs - how do I restore from Time Machine?

  • Yesterday evening I got around to quitting Safari (open with 7 windows and hundreds of tabs) and updating SessionRestore to the latest version. This morning I noticed all windows had gone except the most recently used one. And since autosave was only saving the last 10, I don't have a saved session with all my windows and tabs.
    I do have Time Machine backups -- what file(s) should I restore to get back to the state I had yesterday afternoon? I tried restore LastSession.plist but that didn't do it.
    I've upped the number of auto-saved sessions to 50 to prevent this happening again.

  • you could try restoring the entire /Safari folder

  • But won't that nuke my history back to the backup?

  • your history should be in that last session.plist file...