Chase Bank still not recognizing my computer

  • I am running Mojave (latest) Safari (latest) and Cookie 5 (latest). It gets very annoying and I have tried everything suggested. It doesn't seem to happen on my MacBook Pro also running Mojave (latest) Safari (latest) and Cookie 5 (latest).
    I quit the browser, both machines, delete ALL unwanted data. And open Safari, go straight to chase and try it. MacBook Pro works Okay, Mac mini Chase problem occurs again.
    Is there a way to totally uninstall Cookie and totally copy the MacBook Pro settings (although they already seem same, except MacBook Pro has nothing whitelisted Or any Favorites! and Mac mini I have whitelisted all that I can.)
    Thank you for any help!!

  • Well, I purchased the cookie 6 and so far, after clean install, chase bank is behaving. ...fingers crossed

  • @gistmeperry thats great!