Feature request: Add session for windows in current desktop.

  • Hi, first of all amazing work, an excellent app.

    So I leave desktops with several tabs open in them, sucks to get them added each time I save a session and sometimes it's not worth saving in a session or pinning.

    I also have up to a 5x3 grid of windows on a single desktop so manually going through the safari toolbar menu to add windows to a placeholder session I have to make by duplicating any other session is tedious.

    Possible solutions, and some minor requests:

    • Save session with windows from current desktop only
    • Keyboard shortcut for add current window to the currently open session in the session restore window
    • Add a "add active window", and "add active tab" button to the session restore window.
    • Add a button to "create new session" in the session restore window. It would be a blank session just to use for dropping windows in there from the toolbar menu.
    • Add option to create categories for saved sessions inside the session restore window that appear the same way autosaved vs saved does
    • Ability to rearrange order or sort windows and/or saved sessions in the main session restore window

    Thank you for the great tool!