Feature Request: Disclosure triangles for sidebar sections ("Autosave Sessions" & "Saved Sessions")

  • Hi Russell - thank you for SessionRestore, I love this app.

    If enough others find themselves with a similar use case, perhaps you'd consider adding this feature...

    When looking for a past saved session to restore, I find myself scrolling past all of my "Autosave Sessions" in the sidebar in order to get to the "Saved Sessions" section. It would be great if I could click on a disclosure triangle in the "Autosave Sessions" sidebar header and collapse those sessions from view. The same might be useful for the "Saved Sessions" sidebar header, so that I could quickly scroll through all of my autosaved sessions and clearly see where that list ends because the next section ("Saved Sessions") is collapsed and hidden from view.

    Thanks for considering this!

  • thats a good idea,
    ill make a note of it

  • @SweetP Thanks Russell!

  • Sounds good! 👍

  • im working on this now, and have it working. There's a few minor bugs to workout, and i'll release once im happy with it.

  • v2.1.4 now has the ability to hide the AutoSave sessions