• Hi,

    Thanks for that great extension.

    I would like the extension window to have a larger height, currently, the number of sessions is quite limited. A lot of real estate is taken by the logo and the "save current session" section.

    Also, the scrollbar overlays the small "restore" buttons, so when scrolling to a section, you have to wait for the scrollbar to disappear before being able to click on it.


  • I meant "currently the number of displayed sessions is quite limited, although it is probably the most interesting piece of information".

    Regarding the scrollbar overlapping the "restore" buttons, here is a screenshot. If you move the cursor onto the button, the scrollbar gets bigger as expected, but it covers the "restore" buttons.

    Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 10.05.53.png

  • The buttons have been moved slightly in the latest version, so now the scroller doesn’t cover them. 👍