Cookies not updating - no cookies showing in window

  • Hi all

    Mysterious problem. I have, love it and had a friend buy it. We both have OS X Mavericks, and primarily use the latest Firefox.

    I have no issues at all. But for my friend, neither Safari nor Firefox show cookies as they are being set -- the Cookie window remains empty. Cookies are being created in the browsers, but just not showing. I tried reinstalling FF, deleting and reinstalling (including rm -rf all the preferences info in Application Support). I'm stumped. Any idea what this could be or suggestions on remedy?

    thanks a lot

  • Hmmm,

    This is an obvious question, but are Safari and Firefox enabled?
    Do you see them in the favourites list, in the cookie window?

    Do you see any data being saved? Flash, silver light, databases?

  • Thanks for the reply - Safari and FF are enabled. No flash, silverlight or DBs - however when I just checked there is one single cookie set under cookies (not representative of what I'd expect to see set, as there would be many more)...

  • Is your friend running their browser in Private browsing mode?