I cannot get Cookie6 to install correctly in Catalina

  • 19,1 iMac, 2TB SSD, 10.15.2 macOS, 32GB RAM on a Comcast cable line.
    I used AppCleaner to trash every file Cookie(4-5-6) related.
    Downloaded Cookie6 from the Apple App Store.
    Installed it. Enabled the link to iCloud Synced data backups.
    The iCloud saved data updated Cookie6.
    But I am asked to buy Cookie6 license. I now have only 14 days use.
    I tried adding my Cookie 6 activation code and my name to the license box window. OOOPPS! NoJoy.

    What the heck is wrong with what I am doing installing Cookie 6 in Catalina?

  • move the version of Cookie you have to the trash, (just the Cookie.app file in your applications folder). then re-download from your App Store account tab

  • Russell, Cookie6 is working perfectly in Catalina. I wanted to thank you for your patience. I don't think I would have your patience responding to me/us, so I really appreciate your quick responses and help. John R

  • Im happy it was an easy fix