• Maybe my question was asked before but I can't find it here.
    I use Cookie on my iMac Mac OS X Mavericks, I love it!.
    Do you have Cookie for iOS (iPad)?

    For your information:
    I did register on the forum and get a board message:
    Thank you for registrering on Home, iEscape.
    To complete your registration, please check your e-mail for account activation instructies.
    Until you activate your account you may not be able to post on these forums.

    After 30 minutes still no incoming e-mail (Mail cliënt Apple), but when I check via the webmail service there's an e-mail from Sweet production, located in the spam box. My webmail service is outlook.com

    Maybe mention on your board message too that there is a chance that some webmail service block e-mail from SweetProduction.

  • its actually not possible to create Cookie for iOS.