• Just updated 153 and Safari extension is gone, nothing on safari extension.

    Latest stable MaCOS version Latest Safari version as of November 1, 2019 / 15:48
    pls let us know.

  • Just tried to update to SR 1.53, too, to see what happens. However, the Mac App Store loads an empty file or something. Seems that Russ already stopped it? Quick reaction: half an hour or less! — Wow! Great!

    (macOS 10.15.1, Safari 13.0.3)

  • try restarting Safari,
    and then re-enable the extension on the Extensions tab in Safari Preferences

  • I did that, didnt work at first.

    But after a day the next day it fixed it self.

    • Also Cookies latest version from this site after installing 6.0.5 it didnt work well. Now I'm not even sure if cookies even does its job correctly, why? Because after installing 6.0.5 I looked at Safari history and there were history from a week ago, so weird. Before installing 6.0.5 there was no history on safari.

    It was set to delete History every time Safari quits, why did it bring up a history from a week ago, just by installing the latest version.

  • it will be getting restored via iCloud