App Store blocks Cookie Update

  • I am familiar with AppStore's policy of blocking apps not listed in the AppStore. However, there is a way around this. Simply use the Control key and click on update window and you can override Apple's objection to using an app not listed in their store.

    You know, I thought Cookie was listed. I see it there even now, yet I am still blocked.

    I must click "install and relaunch" to the update window and thus it is gone and blocked before I can get to the control key. See attachment No. 3.

    This is the first time since I have been using the Control protocol on various apps with success this I have encountered failure. I had many good apps before the App Store opened that were blocked and I would have lost many photos and much work had I not managed to update the blocked app in question.

    The update process is shown as the progression of windows that I show as attachments 1, 2 and 3. The Control key just acts dead when I try and use it on the first two windows.

    I just noticed that attachment 1 is OK, but attachment 2 is missing , but attachment 3 is OK. If you really need to see attachment 2, I will re post, but it is just an intermediate window and its absence does not alter the problem or parameters in any way.

    My Cookie is version 1.9.4 and the update is version 1.9.6. Somehow I found my way to:
    and I am still stuck.

    Interestingly, when I fail to bypass the App Store block I end up with the Terminal window open. I know nothing about using Terminal.

    Has anyone any ideas how I can update Cookie?

    Thanks everyone,



  • Hi Gili,

    Ill try to upload a Developer ID signed installer tonight. That should fix any issues you are having.

  • Ive just uploaded v1.9.8 of Safari Cookies, you shouldn't have any problems now.
    🙂 Cookies.dmg