Popup Blocker Prefs in Safari deleted. Needs urgent fix.

  • Sum of issue: Cookie seems to delete Safari app preferences and it's causing pain.

    Old world browsers store only cookies, but obviously Cookie app has caught up and is deleting the newer forms of tracking. Problem appears to be that on Apple's latest incarnation of Safari (staring I believe last year), the Safari App become embedded as part of the system software. Hence, when Cookie app deletes files, it corrupts Safari. Let me be more specific, in our company, we primarily use a web-based appliance and in sum we must have popup windows unblocked. And no, we can't easily switch to a different browser because we have hundreds of passwords that constantly change and they are stored in keychain AND we use the browser to print exactly on specific forms which don't match up on various browsers. So we are stuck using Safari. What happens is that if you go into the Safari preferences and change the configuration to not block everything, every time Cookie does it's magic, that preference gets deleted. Worse, it many instances the pull down menu gets corrupted and reverts to block (e.g. it can't be changed until a restart or relogin). Some would say, click on the icon in the URL bar that opens the blocked window. Well, sometimes no icon appears. Basically, it's just a torture and a mess and productivity killer beyond what can be expressed in this short posting. Hours and hours and hours have been spent with Apple support. No, they won't listen, and aren't going to add a feature that will stay persistently DO NOT BLOCK popups period. What I propose that Cookie does, because it appears that it is the Cookie App that is inadvertently causing this issue (aside from the corrupt folks at Apple who seem desperate to protect the consumer- but not in actuality), is to restore the Safari preferences after Cookies deletes. Because what I surmise is happening is that once Cookie deletes, upon launch, Safari does not find the file it is looking for (which contains the preference to turn OFF all blocking), so it recreates without that preference. Consequently, I am begging SweetP to please fix this issue so my entire company is not driven insane by this ridiculous issue.

  • Make sure you uncheck Website Preferences as a removal option for Safari.