Chrome extension settings/authorizations aren't saveable?

  • I'm using Cookie 5.9.10 and it's working fine with Safari. But on Chrome, some extension settings/authorizations are being saved, namely Grammerly and Gmelius.

    Here's what I mean...I have both Grammerly and Gmelius cookies and Databases Favorited in Cookie, and I have Remove on Browser Quit set in Cookie.

    But when I quit and relaunch Chrome, both Grammerly and Gmelius acts as if I just activated them for the first time, and I need to go through activation/setting steps.

    FWIW I also have Gmelius installed on Safari, and that seems to keep its activation/settings status through removals.

    Is there something else I should be doing to preserve these extension settings/statuses in Chrome?

  • Maybe there are tracking cookies being removed?

    Expand the domains and look for any RED colored cookies. Right click on them and select Add to Whitelist

  • Thanks, I whitelisted a bunch of red cookies, and some more databases, even though none of the domains seemed relevant, but somewhere along the line, it seemed to work. Thanks for your help!