New Cookie 5 Install won't enable Safari

  • I just installed Cookie 5 on a new MacBook Pro (Mojave) and when I try to enable Safari it asks if I would like to give Cookie access to Safari's Data. I click OK and a window pops up instructing me to give full disk access to Cookie in Security and Privacy. I quit cookie, add it to full disk access and check the box. When I relaunch Cookie it still shows Safari is disabled. I've tried several times with no success. What can I do to get this working?


  • try a computer restart, which can help.

    if this doesn't work, you may need to reset Cookie by deleting this folder:

    • you will lose all your settings and favourites, and will need to run through setup again. so the best thing to do is export your favorites first - then import them after re0launching Cookie.

  • Looks like a restart fixed it. Thanks for the reply, Russell!

  • @Rob-D that's great!