SessionRestore doesn't seem to work...

  • I'm on Mojave 10.4.3 (I haven't upgraded to 10.4.5 because I've been having stability problems) and Safari 12.0.3. SessionRestore doesn't seem to work at all?

    If I'm in Safari and I click on the SessionRestore icon, and click "Save", nothing happens.

    If I'm in the SessionRestore app and click the plus icon (Save current session), nothing happens.
    And then in preferences, I have "Save every 10 mins" and "keep the latest 3 sessions" selected. But as far as I can tell, it hasn't saved any sessions.

    How can I troubleshoot/fix this?

  • I also saw on another thread that the sessions info should be saved in in my Preferences folder, but I don't see that file either.

  • @edjusted SessionRestore needs macOS 10.14.4 and Safari 12.1. The apis to function aren’t available on your system, and you would have to upgrade.

  • @SweetP Just my luck. Ok thank you