• One of the top line adverts is for "Secure data removal".

    This isn't possible on flash storage without a low level reformat. You cannot overwrite in place on flash storage -- even if the OS tells you this is happening, it isn't. The flash firmware is conspiring against you. Secondly, if Time Machine is active, it will take frequent snapshots (on the same media). So this claim is a false statement.

    The only way you can securely erase is if the data was encrypted in the first place, and you forget the key. This would be a challenge to pull off for data that another process (safari) doesn't know how to handle.

    Has Cookie undergone 3rd party evaluation to back up this claim of secure deletion? If not, you really need to remove that point.

  • Im almost ready to release Cookie6, and this feature has been removed. Cookie5 is 4yrs old now... and spinning platter drives were much more prevalent when it was released,.

  • great news!

    Since there's no Cookie6 forum (yet), I'll just followup here.

    Will Cookie6 have "profiles"? On Chrome, profiles are a unique set of cookies, as well as other stuffs (extensions, eg).

    On Safari, I'd love to have profiles-lite, which would just be cookie set switching. This wouldn't work around (eg) browser fingerprinting, ie recaptcha and anyone evil can still tell you really are still the same person using the same browser, but it would provide the very valuable ability to manage multiple logins to the same site simply by switching all the cookies.

    Not too different from Firefox containers.

    Or does Cookie5 already have this feature and it's just not highlighted.

    You could call them personas.

  • that's actually a great idea, but it'll have to wait for Cookie7...