I want to reinstall Cookie 3.0.18

  • I have a problem using Mountain Lion 10.8.4, Safari 6.0.5, Cookie 3.0.18 and 1Password 3.9.6 with 1Password extensions to Safari and Firefox.
    I don't have opened the 1Password application, I start Safari and some page to login via 1Password extension. So I have to write my master password. Then Safari hangs. Firefox works fine.
    If I disable Cookie from Safari, the problem is fixed.
    I have had a discussion with agile bits.com and we have disabled all extensions and other things. The problem was Cookie 3.0.18 (not 3.0.17 and older).
    So I will reinstall Cookie and then install it again.
    How can I reinstall it, to install it fresh from AppStore?

  • All you need to do is move Cookie.app to the trash. if you want to do a clean install, also delete:
    ~/Library Application Support/Cookie (favourites)
    ~/Library/Prefences/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie.plist (settings)

    *you will lose all your settings, and favourites if you remove these two files.

    you will then be able to open the App Store, login, and re-download from the "Purchases" tab.