Expected behavior with Mojave

  • I'm a recent convert to Mojave - Lord only knows why!
    In any case, what is the expected behavior of Cookie 5.9.9 with Safari 12.1.1 under Mojave 10.14.5 ?
    I added Cookie to the full disk access security panel as instructed. I am seeing, when Safari is quit, removal of all unwanted cookies. But, when Safari is open, Cookie no longer removes cookies - in spite of the preference instruction to do so. Is that what I'm to expect with this new OS from Hell?
    If not, what do I change?

  • I wouldn't recommend removing data while any browser is open. Cookie will do it, but cache cookies/localstorage/history will still show in the browser preferences until you restart the browser. That is pretty much standard across all browsers, as they tend to hold data in memory, as well as on disk.

    Are you not liking Mojave? Im loving Dark Mode. I can't go back to standard view anymore - it burns my eyes!

  • Cookie used to do this well - remove cookies with the browser open. Now it doesn't.
    I open cookies and there all still there until I quit the browser.
    Is this what I should expect?
    Seems a step backwards.

  • Browsers have changed they way they manage cookies. Cookie still removes the data from disk, but as I said, the browsers store the cookies etc in memory. So you need to restart your browser to flush the memory for a complete removal.

  • Like I said: "Seems a step backwards."

  • yeah, I agree. not much I can do about it though. Browsers are becoming more & more complicated to deal with...