Importing Cookie Favorites from an external Hard Disk Backup

  • Hello,
    My hard disk unfortunately stopped functioning yesterday and so today I replaced my dead hard disk with a new one. I am in the process of reinstalling all my applications. Thankfully I have a Time Machine backup of my previous hard disk.

    I have re-installed Cookie 5 and would like to Import all my Cookie Favorites from the Time Machine backup. How do I do this?

    I have looked for a Cookie or SweetP folder in:

    /Library/Application Support/
    ~/Library/Application Support/

    However, I haven't found anything. Where can I find my Cookie favorites? Please help me import all of my Cookie 5 favorites from my old hard disk backup to my newly re-installed Cookie 5. Than you for your help and guidance.

  • because Cookie is sandboxed,
    you need to look in the following location:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5/

  • @SweetP thank you Russel -- perfect! I appreciate your prompt reply. I am very happy to see all my favorites back. Thank you.

  • @Broccoli no problem