SessionRestore is now a native Safari App Extension

  • @SweetP The thing is ... Safari DOES seem to have access to the page title "before the page loads". I have an extension called "Recent Tab List", and I am able to search through web page titles in all tabs, even when I just restarted Safari and I never opened those tabs to view them yet. I think the page title property is accessible, and it doesn't require the page to be opened. However, this is not the current behavior of SessionRestore. To be honest, I'm tempted to just write my own scripts to solve the issue ever since the Session extension lost support.

    BTW, I'm not sure if it's related but ... since I installed SessionRestored, my Safari has crashed twice in 24 hours. I cannot trace it back to SessionRestore, so I don't know if it's a bug. If it crashes again I'm going to have to uninstall and see if the crash goes away.

  • @shout_skout well, I can only use the tools given to me. the old javascript framework could access the page title before the tab was loaded - but the new SafariServices can not (as far as I know). Apple is dropping support for the old javascript framework most likely in the next macOS release.

    Also, just because Safari can see the page title, doesn't mean they have made it available for third parties to access.... at least not in an officially supported manner. And I need to make a living, so I need to play by Apple's rules to be able to sell in the App Store. I have maintained a javascript Safari tab management extension - also named SessionRestore (previously SafariRestore) since extension support was added to Safari however many years ago that was. There were also holes in what was possible with that. for example it had no way of knowing if a tab was pinned. Apple addressed that in the new SafariServices, but seemed to have messed up with the page title. Ive posted in the Dev Forums asking if anyone has a solution, and also posted a bug report to Apple.

    I know its frustrating, but this is Apple were talking about... Just look at the MacBook keyboard fiasco... I have wanted to update SessionRestore to a native app since I learned of the new SafariServices framework 3? years ago... but it just wasn't possible until Safari 12.1

  • ill keep looking into this. Maybe i'll find a way. I could probably tell safari to reload tabs which aren't loaded yet... but with many tabs, that is going to slow your computer to a crawl...

    If I find a way, Ill post back here

  • it looks as though support will be added for this in a future Safari release. Safari Technology Preview 85 returns all the tab titles on relaunch.

  • working correctly on macOS Catalina beta also. it seems Apple is upping there game with fixing bugs. 👍

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