• What should we do with our Google cookies? Should we block it? Any suggestion. I prefer to keep a YouTube website. Unfortunately, Google owns YouTube.

  • I personally don't use any Google services... apart from youtube. but I don't login, so I just remove Google cookies.

    What you could do, is keep it as a favourite, but remove the tracking cookies.
    if you do this though, you may want to Whitelist the nid cookie. With that cookie whitelisted you should retain your login info, but remove the other tracking cookies

  • @SweetP I missed that message. I couldn't figure out where to find my posts in the past. I see the green icon on my account that I have to click on it. Now, I see the list of my comments.
    How or where can I nid the cookie? Please use step by step. Thank you.

  • @jeffeyer

    • If you disable any Cookie timers you may have enabled.
    • login to Google
    • expand the Google.com dominion Cookie
    • look for any red coloured cookies
    • highlight the NID cookie
    • control-click (right click) to show the contextual menu
    • select Add to Whitelist

    that should work