"Cookie 5 was purchased in the App Store on a different..." repeatedly after initial install crashed

  • HI,

    Finally decided to upgrade to Cookie5 from 4.x. Went well on the initial machine (one on which I purchased Cookie5), but when I went to install it on the second machine, the installation crashed (complete with Apple Crash Reporting dialog). Subsequent attempts to install it from the App Store do not pop up the expected installation dialog, but instead I get the "was purchased in the App Storage on a different machine" account log in prompt ... over and over again.

    Is there some cleanup location, apart from the Application Scripts folder (which is no longer present - tried deleting this earlier and no dice), that needs to be addressed prior to reinstallation? Rebooting / reinstalling / both repeatedly hasn't resulted in any change.

    This is all running on the latest version of OSX.


  • you can delete this folder:

  • Thanks - that cleared things up!

    Turns out that what made it initially crater was having Cookie5 try to manage Firefox. Chrome and Safari: no problem. Selecting Firefox brought the installer down (repeated attempts) with the Apple crash reporter screen being displayed. Selecting Firefox after Cookie5 was installed still crashed things, but without any further popup.

    Cookie5 Firefox management worked on the original / purchasing machine, and upgrading to the latest version of Firefox didn't seem to help. Thankfully, we almost never use Firefox (on either machine), and from memory Firefox's cookie management was always pretty good. As such, this issue is now somewhat of a moot point for us. (If however you would like me to send you a crash dump, I can recreate that fairly easily.)

    Thanks again!

  • that would be great if you could send me the crash log:
    [email protected]