Serious Cookie Problems with

  • I've been having terrible cookie behavior when I manage my Blogger blog for over a year in all browsers (safari, chrome, firefox). [myname] never recognizes me as logged on.

    When I hit "sign in" and get sent to, I'm immediately recognized as logged on, but when I return to the public-facing blogspot page, I'm still not recognized (despite reloading).

    Finally, I deleted all google, blogger, and blogspot cookies manually (via Safari prefs), restarted browser, and signed in. All worked properly.

    I then launched Cookie (which is set for auto removal upon app quit and browser quit), and after the next cycle of launches/quits, the behavior had returned.

    I've disabled Cookie and hoping for either instructions or a fix.


  • are there tracking cookies in your blog?
    if so, you most likely need to whitelist them:

    • pause any timers in Cookie
    • login to your blog
    • expand the domain in Cookie by clicking the small triangle
    • look for any RED colored tracking cookies
    • right click (control-click) on the tracking cookies
    • select "Add to Whitelist"
    • re-enable your timers