Can not figure out how to save Twitter Login

  • Can not figure out how to keep twitter login cookie or whatever it uses to remember log in. Even protecting all twitter cookies, restarting safari logs out of twitter. any ideas?

  • try this:

    • disable the Cookie timer if it is running
    • login to Twitter
    • expand the Twitter domain in Cookie
    • look for any RED cookies
    • highlight them, and then right-click (control-click) to show the contextual menu
    • select Add to Whitelist

  • Same thing is happening to me - with Twitter, Comcast, Chase etc. Aren't the "red" cookies the tracking cookies? How do we tell the difference?

  • @SweetP Thank you. I had added all red cookies for twitter that popped up over a few logins - still not remembering me.

    As a note, cookie is not seeming to remove all non checked sites either.

    Thank you for continuing to develop this good application. I know it is tedious work.

  • @graybrick started working after logging in to Tweetdeck and saving again. now works with twitter too.

  • @graybrick that's great!

  • Hi Russel - well, we can't whitelist all red cookies, right? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of cookie?

    Also, I believe Safari history may be the source of these issues.

    I always tell Safari to "clear history but keep website data." Even so, when I subsequently try to log into Twitter, Facebook etc. the websites often think I'm registering a new device

    Yep, it just happened again. I did "clear history but keep website data" and suddenly Twitter can't recognize my device. I just whitelisted both "ga" and "gat" - are either of those cookies "tracking" cookies?