Safari "Disabled" in Window panel

  • Using latest version of Cookies 5 on Mojave 10.14.3
    To move Safari from disabled to Favorite section, I followed instruction prompts regarding System Preferences>Security>Full Disk Access. Cookies was already on that list and enabled. I removed it, then added it back before closing the panel. After restarting Cookies, Safari still shows "disabled" and the instruction panel appears when I select "Would you like to give Cookie access to Safari's cookie data". Further I restarted the computer. Same result.

    On another matter, whenever I log into my Chase Credit Card site (cookies saved as favorite) via Google Chrome browser or Safari, I get a prompt telling me the browser or device is not recognized. Then I have to go through the process of reestablishing my identity. I have removed those cookies and tried a fresh set (also saved as favorite), yet the result is the same.

    thanks for any assistance here.

  • try a computer restart, that can help with the Full Disk Access errors.

    As for the Chase website, try this:

    • disable the Cookie timer
    • login to Chase
    • expand the Chase domain in Cookie by clicking the triangle indicator
    • if there are any RED coloured cookies included in the favourite:

    you may also need to whitelist that

    • you do that by selecting the RED cookie, and right-clicking (control-click) - to bring up the contextual menu
    • then select "Add to Whitelist"