Cookies from Firefox 64 + 65 not showing up in Cookie 5.9.5

  • I looked at the tutorial for that on but it does not related to the problem I am seeing.

    I disabled the timer. I whitelisted one of the services that keeps kicking me out in Firefox Security Settings (Cookies and Website Data). The issue I am seeing is, that although Firefox shows some cookies, those are never shown in Cookie. Thus I have no way of adding those to my favorites or whitelist them.

    Is this a known issues?

    PS: It seems attaching images is not possible. Click on image icon results in and uploading an image results in ![0_1548258955359_firefox cookies not shown in cookie.png](Uploading 100%)

    Anyhow here's a screenshot of the cookies in Firefox which are not shown in cookie (30 days):

  • gentle ping on this.

  • my apologies, I got caught up with the image upload issue... I know, the wrong thing to focus on... but I did finally fix it.

    Are the cookies which are not displaying cache cookies? if so, Cookie doesn't display cache cookies. But it can remove them, if you configure it to remove the cache.

  • @SweetP haha no worries, glad the image upload in your forum is working again.
    cache is not set to be deleted so I can safely rule that out. it seems cookies are again showing up e.g. I am seeing an entry for this forums URL. I am unsure as to what was going on initially. I think we can consider this solved. I'll ping, if this happens again with another site.
    Thanks for making cookie 😃