Some cookies visible in Safari not findable in Cookie 5

  • Dear SweetP,

    I found, purchased and installed Cookie 5 today and wanted first to say how grateful I am to you for making this product. Wow! A tool I can use to fight back against all those companies who somehow think that it's their right to track me. Thank you!!

    I've read through the Help topics and reviewed forum post titles back through early 2017 without finding the answer to the question I'm about to pose. Apologies if I've missed the answer.

    The question: I see cookies in my Safari that I can't find by looking at the website names or through the website search interface. Example cookies:

    So I can't figure out what website dropped these cookies.


  • these cookies are all saved in the cache, which Cookie does delete (if configured to remove cache) - but Cookie does not show them in its main window.

    These cookie will be loaded via websites you visit which access them. for example the gravatar site is a common site used for displaying your thumbnail (avatar) on various websites.