How to keep same tabs from last session in browser?

  • I just got cookie 5 and really like it (after using privatus for many years).

    Can you help me configure cookie so that the pages that I last visited remain when opening the browser again? I remove cookies on browser quit but I also want to have the same windows open when I re-open the browser.

    When I unmark all options in the Removal tab of advanced view of cookie 5 this works. Is this the best possible method?

  • you need to configure your browser to reopen your last session. In Safari the option is on the General tab in Preferences
    Safari opens with: All windows from last session

  • Thank you for the quick response!

    However, I tried this with the correct setting in Chrome all settings marked in cookie [where is says "select unwanted data"] (see screenshot)

    Are there certain options in this area [where is says "select unwanted data" ] that can prevent tabs from last session being deleted?

  • if you uncheck History, you should get the result you want