why do cookies keep coming?

  • After removing all non-favorites and tracking cookies, and restarting Safari with only THIS (sweetp) site open, the cookies still pour in. Looks like the same set over and over -- a bunch of commercial sites I've visited in the past few days. It's as if they have access to my history, but I don't want to delete my history, and I don't understand where these are coming from. Is there something I can read that explains all this? It would seem that if I don't want hundreds of cookies, I have to delete every two or three minutes. Thanks.

  • Correction: turns out cookies don't pour in with just the sweetp site open; but when I open new york times (a favorite) I suddenly get 750 cookies, 19 databases, and 130 tracking cookies, in less than 30 seconds.

  • those are advertising cookies most likely. disable third party cookies in you browser preferences, and that should fix the amount of cookies being dumped on your computer

  • Thanks. But in Safari prefs there's only one option: Block all cookies. Apple claims that Safari, by default, allows only cookies from sites I visit, so I suppose that's why the option to block third-party cookies has disappeared from prefs?

  • try clicking the "Prevent cross site tracking" option