Cookie 5.9.4 still not working with Firefox 64 on macOS 10.14.2

  • I have been away from Firefox for a while and using Safari as the cookie handling was not working as I thought it would. I now checked again and I still have the problem that Cookie (non-app-store-version) does not see and delete the cookies in Firefox. After clearing the cookies from FF, I visited a couple of sites, there are cookies for these sites stored in the browser as can be seen in the attached screenshot (google, amazon, swettpproductions).
    The second screenshot shows the Cookie window: no actual cookies displayed.

    Even closing the browser and/or Cookie does not seem to be able to work with removing the cookies - if at least the removing would work and only the display were broken, but even after clicking 'remove' in Cookies, they are still in Firefox.

    image upload not working 😞

  • have you seen this thread:

    you may need to give Cookie access to Firefox cookies.

  • I have the settings in Firefox accordingly. The thing is that Cookie seems to be working sometimes, it displays the cookies from Firefox, but stops refreshing this after a while.
    I now had it running and showing updates for new cookies, but after a while it stops and is not refreshing. I can see in the Cookie window from time to time a spinner animation so it seems that Cookie is trying to get new data from Firefox, but it is not showing this new data.

  • Firefox v 63 changed how it’s cookies are managed. And removing cookies whilst Firefox is open isn’t the best option anymore.

    Removing cookies when Firefox is closed is the best solution now.