WifiSpoof just en0 and bridge0 - no ethernet Spoof

  • Hi there, I am new on forum.
    As in the title, WifiSpoof just en0 and bridge0 and I can see no option to select ethernet en1 Spoof
    Do you know how I can deal with this issue on my MacBookPro?
    Thank you in advanced

  • there is most likely no en1 device on your MacBook Pro

    en0 will be your WiFi Device

    The new MacBook Pro's don't have built in Ethernet. for example my 2017 MBR also only has Wifi & Thunderbolt

  • Thank you for reply.
    I have a MacBookPro Retina mid 2012 and I am not able to choose nothing than en0 and bridge0
    I tried to deal with virtual interface in Network Settings, but I cannot change the bridge0 as Thunderbolt or ethernet Thunderbolt.
    If I try to add a new virtual interface as ethernet Thunderbolt, all my settings of all my different networks vanish and I have to set them from zero.
    May you help me to set the wired cable to use WifiSpoof functions?