How do I eliminate list of favorites

  • I am running Cookie 5 on Mojave. When I start Cookie I see a list of cookies or other sites. I assume that list in the window are favorites. I have a checkboxes in front of them. I tried to delete them but they reappear again later. In Safari I have used Cookie to delete all cookies, history, caches, and non-favorites. Yet when I check the manage website data in Safari preferences all the cookies are still there. I am not clear on how this is supposed to work. I have the scripts saved already as well.

  • I would very much like to see the developer respond to this question.

    I had a devil of a time updating to Mojave, had to (on the advice of 3 Apple engineers) give up on using Migration Assistant to move file/folders/settings from High Sierra and had to do it by hand, thus losing all the preferences I had set up for Cookie and am having to learn the ins and outs of Cookie all over again.

  • I had issues with migration assistant when upgrading too.

    If you want to delete absolutely everything, uncheck everything.

    Safari has changed the way it manages cookies on Mojave, and it seems that removing them while safari is open is not super effective anymore.

    The best option is to now remove them when Safari is closed.