Some cookies will not clear

  • Hello,
    I am running Cookie 5.9.3 Safari 12.0.1 and Mojave 10.14.1 on a mid 2012 MacBook pro retina and I have several cookies that will not clear. They do not appear in the cookie window on the list of websites but they do show up in the counter on the left column where it says safari. If I click on "safari" in the left column to show the websites and cookies nothing shows up in the list, but where it says "tracking cookies" on the bottom of the cookie window briefly lights up and then goes dark again. I have cleared my whitelist, closed and reopened safari and restarted the computer to no avail.

    I do not have any browser extensions and I have never had this happen before. I have a 2016 MacBook pro with the same software that is not having this problem. Any ideas? Could this be something malicious on my computer?

    Thank you for your help.

  • do you have some text in the search field
    maybe even blank spaces?

  • No, nothing in the search field.

  • this may be a corrupted favourites file
    try this:

    1. quit Safari
    2. remove all non favs
    3. quit Cookie
    4. delete this file
      ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Cookie5/Favorites.plist
    5. open Cookie
    6. use the *context menu to select all cookies as favourites

    *the context menu is activated by right clicking (control-click) in the cookie window

  • This did clear the cookies - thank you - but it seems there are not any cookies showing up in cookie. I went to several websites to accumulate new cookies and I can see them in the safari preferences but they do not show up in cookie.

    I read the read me file in the cookie window and installed the 3 files here: ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/

    However, Cookie does not show up in the full disk access window when I try to change the system preferences.

  • I added cookie to full disc access and all is well. Thank you for your help.

  • @marcwestergard ah perfect!
    v5.9.4 should fix this issue, as Cookie will *now prompt you to give Full Disk Access if you do not already have it.

    The version from my store always did, but now the Mac App Store version will also do this.