Notifications and Hotkeys need attention

  • Hello, Cookie supporter since 2015.
    Each day my notification center in MacOS Mojave gets filled with timer notifications. I use notifications because I need some feedback when I use the hotkey to clear unwanted data. What I don't see a need for is the timer firing even when Safari is closed, causing notification center to fill with cookie notifications overnight. I have set Cookie to clear unwanted data when Safari closes, so it is redundant to run the timer after safari is closed.

    I also notice that the hotkey that clears cookies occasionally will not work until after I've clicked Cookie in the menubar, then it works again. This is the main reason I need notifications, to make sure that it fired correctly. Is there any way a future update could resolve these two issues? Thanks for all the work you've put into this app, keep up the great work.

  • Notifications does need a good makeover - I agree. This might take some time though.

    Ill take a look at the hotkey, and see what happening