Twitter is hiding undetectable trackers on computers?

  • I'm a conservative who was shadow banned about 6 months ago, over several accounts, over two years, by twitter.
    Subsequently, I moved 1,000 miles away, bought a brand new Mac computer with a new identifier, made a brand new never before used email address, had a new ISP under someone else's name, and thought I could make a new account and they'd never know it was me to shadow ban me again. I also regularly use several softwares to remove tracking cookies, etc., from my Mac. I of course used time machine to remake my new mac as the old one was, but not before using the cookie/tracking removal software many times over 6 months, first.

    Within less than 2 minutes of opening my new twitter account it was frozen and locked again with them demanding I provide my phone number to unlock it. They said I "violated the twitter rules." And all I did was create a new account. I had not followed anybody yet. I had not tweeted. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

    Ergo, I must conclude they have some other way of identifying people they've previously banned. Perhaps they surreptitiously hide some piece of tracking software on my Mac even professional software cannot find??
    These are dishonest, nasty people.

  • Im not sure what your IP address setup is on your new ISP, but it's probably a shared ip range, so Twitter will be perhaps referencing third party cookies already on your computer.

    try using a different browser where you only use it for checking Twitter. If that doesn't work on its own, you'll most likely also need a VPN or a Proxy.

    OR maybe perhaps a ph number is policy for new accounts now?

  • In my experience it is not unusual for Twitter to prompt for a phone number after the first login of a newly created account.