Problem between fire fox 20 and Cookie V 3.0.14

  • Hi

    I send and email to the support and no answer at the moment,
    so i post this thread

    I recently buy Cookie after testing it.
    I like it but :

    I have a problem between Fire fox 20 and Cookie.
    As soon i activate the Firefox cookie control in preference, BOUM ! Cookie Crash. I have send you the log in attached piece and the preference window in question

    I tried several times, this is reproducible.
    I have to throw the cookie preferences in order to use it again.
    If I do not activate the cookie management in Firefox, everything is OK.

    (OS Version: Mac OS X 10.8.3 (12D78))
    Mac Book Pro 13 pouces, mi-2012

    Do you have an idea ?
    I searched the support of your forum, but I have not found anything conclusive.



  • I can't reproduce this...

    could you send me your crash log again. (i never did recieve your email.)
    info (at) sweetpproductions (dot) com

  • Hi

    I just send you the same email again with an iCloud account and the log files concerned
    Hope you have it