Cookie wants to access an old user account

  • About a year ago I had to create a new user account. This was a temporary measure and that account is now deleted. I find though that every time the iMac restarts Cookie want to access the old non-existen accoutn. It even seems to create a couple of empty folders with the old user account name!

    How can I stop Cookie doing this?

  • strange,

    you could try resetting Cookie by deleting this folder:

    you will lose all your settings and favourites by doing this though, but you can restore them if you make a copy of the files in this folder:
    /Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5

    then delete the folder

    restart Cookie, quit, and place the files you saved before back into the same folder

  • @SweetP Hi Russell and thanks for your thoughts. I followed your suggestion but on a restart there was the old user account stuff. I'm really not sure if I shouldn't just hide (by making invisible) those recurring folders to get them off my mind and simply ignore them.

    Thanks anyhow, Richard