"Removed support for Safari" -- ?

  • Version 5.9.2 release note says "removed support for Safari - now an optional install".

    Would you please say more about what this means? I need support for Safari? What must one do for the optional install? Why is it optional? Does it cost something?


  • @Rick
    There is no additional cost to enable Safari. It is just a matter of installing the optional scripts, which if you are upgrading from an earlier version - you should already have installed.

    For ppl have have never used Cookie, and are purchasing it for the first time (Mac App Store Only) they will need to enable Safari from the Advanced tab in Preferences - which has a link to the optional script download.

    The Mac App Store version, still functions exactly the same as the version from my store... It is just more of a hassle to get up and running because of Mac App Store limitations.