Repeatedly being asked to give permission

  • I am running Cookie 5.91 and have given it full disk access in os 10.14.   Every time I restart my computer I get asked again to give Cookie access.  Is this normal?

  • Do you have Cookie in your Applications folder?

    This shouldn’t be happening, but maybe if you have a time machine backup attached that may? cause issues...

  • I have the same problem. Just bought & installed Cookies 5.9.1. Cookie is in my App folder. If time machine causes the problem, how can it be fixed?

  • I'm also having this problem, with Firefox unable to read bookmarks from Firefox. and Cookie asking every time for permission to get full disk access. I've added Cookie to the Full Disk Access section, and it's also in the Applications folder (with the DMG file deleted). Any ideas what else I can try? Running version 5.9.2 with macOS 10.14.1


  • @quasimagyar try quitting Cookie,
    remove from System Preferences
    restart your computer
    open Cookie
    open System Preferences
    drag & drop Cookie into System Preferences
    check Cookie

    does that help?