Cookie want access to entire home folder

  • Hi
    I've been happily using Cookie (MacAppStore) for a few years, authorising the needed folders.
    Now however:

    Cookie 5.8.7 (and some previous) insists on access to the entire home folder.
    I understand it would need access to browser preference folders, but all my data?
    SweeP is surely a decent company, don't take it personally, but I don't give such access to any app if I can avoid it..

    So ok I decide not to use Cookie, but can't even do that, for when doing cancel the message just pops back. It's not possible to delete a running app either.

    Is there any way to run Cookie without sharing the entire home folder?
    If not, would it be possible to make it so the cancels button stops the process? I'll take it down with the terminal, but most people will just have to accept giving up their home folder in order to go on with their day..

    Thanks for your attention.

  • you'll need to press cancel a number of times, as it asking for access to many files. Thats the reason why there's the blanket home folder request...

    Earlier version's of Cookie did only ask for access to individual files, but it was a permissions nightmare. Unfortunately theres no way to run Cookie without giving it the access.

    For what its worth, Cookie only accesses the data which you enable in the UI. It doesn't phone home, unless you check for updates - and then it only sends the version number. The Mac App Store version checks the receipt with Apple.

  • Thank you for the reply, I trust you're not siphoning peoples home folders. It's a shame we have come to the point where defiance have to be the default, but too many companies are abusing.
    Anyhow. I preferred the old way where we had to specify the allowed authorisations, though I understand it might have been too "complicated" for a lot of people.

    Have a nice Sunday.