Cookie 3.0.13 beta

  • Hi guys,

    Im looking for a bit of feedback on the next version of Cookie before I release.

    there are no new features, just fixes, and improvements. heres the full list of changes:

    • fixed Chrome/Chromium non-Favs removal for mulitple users
    • updated start at login to use modern apis
    • dock icon display now updates dynamically for 10.7+
    • code optimisations (less saving to user defaults)
    • removed unneccesary code (SQLite in particular, Cookie now utilises the inbuilt OS SQLite library)

    the areas I am particularly interested in are the new restart at login code (you will need to remove Cookie as a login item under System Preferences - as Cookie now has a login Helper app), Firefox/Chrome/Chromium cookie removal and display, and Database removal and display. (SQLite)

    Here it is:

    thanks in advance

  • Hi- Installed on my MacBookPro and with 10.8.3 and it started at login no problem; it also seems to work more smoothly and I do not see the "update gear" spinning like I did on 12. However, why would there be two cookie icons in my dock (both are for 12b)?

    Thanks for your continued work on this great product!

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