Can not update Cookie 5.8 to Cookie 5.8.1 in AppStore!

  • Can not update Cookie 5.8 to Cookie 5.8.1 in AppStore!
    It shows me that this the program was purchased on another computer and I must enter my apple account Login and Password in order to enable Cookie 5.8.1 on my computer. I enter but it ask me to do that again and again. Please help.

  • I’ve uploaded v5.8.2 to Apple already, and requested an expedited review... but I think I’ve just missed the cutoff for today, so it will most likely be at least another 8hrs before they review it.

    My apologies for the trouble

  • I have the same Problem. It shows me that this the program was purchased on another computer and I must enter my apple account Login and Password in order to enable Cookie 5.8.1 on my computer.

  • Same problem. I can't launch Cookie 5 since I downloaded the update to the Mac Appstore. I am asked again and again for my login and my access code. Uninstallation and reinstallation are useless.
    Thanks for a quick help !

  • the only fix will be to either use the trial version until v5.8.2 is available in the Mac App Store.... or what till Apple reviews and releases it.

    so sorry guys,
    this bug shouldn't have even made it through Apple review, they can't have even opened it....
    but the blame is definitely all mine... I uploaded it late last night, when perhaps I should have had a sleep first.

    sorry again for all the trouble folks.

  • I'm relieved to read this - and have discovered that it is possible to restore Cookie 5.8 from Time Machine and have it work.

  • Same problem but just bought Cookie 5, it was working fine (I'm a longterm Cookie 4 user, rather annoyed I had to upgrade since the Safari cookies just stopped working) I got the update alert, I updated to 5.8.1 and now I get:

    "“Cookie 5” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Cookie 5” and download it again from the App Store."

    Tried that, it doesn't fix it. Thinking I should ask for a refund from Apple...this is ridiculous.

  • Just to note same problem. I'm glad your "on" it and look forward to the fix.

  • I'm having this same problem, even though it's several hours after you posted that an update had been uploaded. In addition to the error message that Cookie is damaged (delete & re-download, which didn't work); when I do try to re-download I get a message that Cookie was purchased on another computer, and I should sign in w/those credentials. Cookie was definitely downloaded on this computer and signing in again doesn't help the situation.

    Please help!

    Thank you!

  • Same problem as the above poster. I did try to use my old sign in (and later new sign in also) with no luck. It shows in the app store as purchased and downloaded, but keeps asking for the username and password.
    What to do?

  • Same problem here.
    Thank you for the quick action to address the issue. Will survive somehow while waiting for the update.
    Also would like to take the opportunity to compliment on your App as I find it excellent!

  • Quick tip: You can always restore the previous version from a Time Machine backup 🙂

  • so sorry guys,

    this was a simple mistake on my part which should have been caught in the review.
    Im not sure why it wasn't...

    In any case, its been around 16hrs since I discovered and fixed the problem.... Its in review now, hopefully Apple approves it asap.

  • V5.8.2 has finally been approved, and should be available within the hour.

  • And 5.8.2 works as expected! Thanks, Russell.

  • Thanks for taking care of this so quickly! Your responsiveness to customers remains amazing; thank you!

  • 🙂 Thanks for your quick fix!