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  • Same here!

  • Same here too: keeps prompting for my Apple ID and password, even when they've been typed in correctly.

  • Same Problem. After new installing, doing so just gave me the unending request for AppleID and password. I finally gave up and found an older version (5.7.8) on a backup and went through the setup process. This version appears to be working. Based on this, the installation problem appears to be associated with version 5.8.1.

  • I registered on this support forum just to echo the same exact issues that everyone else is having with their recent version of Cookie 5.

    After updating to version 5.8.1, the program can not be opened. It would continually ask for my Apple ID and password, even though both are correct each time. I had to install another app just to disable Cookie from login startup so it wouldn't continually ask for my Apple ID and password each time I restart my computer. Please fix ASAP! I paid for this program.

    How do I revert back to the previous working version? Unfortunately, I do not have a backup, as I downloaded from the App Store. And btw, why are there so many updates to Cookie 5 recently these last few months? There's been 3 updates in the last 3 weeks. It just gets annoying that I constantly have to update it every 1-2 weeks from the App Store.

    I l[size=large]ove the program, my only gripe is that I wish there was a "stable" version that you [/size]don't[size=large] have to update for a while.[/size]


  • I tried, without success, installing version 5.8.1 from Mac App Store four times - BUT every time I install it I get the following Alert ["Cookie 5" is damaged and can't be opened. Delete "Cookie 5" and download it again from the App Store]'

  • Hi guys,
    this is a problem with Cookie checking the App Store receipt and failing

    Ive uploaded v5.8.2 to Apple for review, and its in review now.
    it should be available soon

    so sorry for all the trouble its causing everyone

  • I just sent an email to SweetP support: They are aware of the problem and have already submitted a new version to the App Store for review. Said it should be posted soon.

  • Oops! As you see, Russell beat me to it (informing about the coming fix).

  • Thanks for the heads up Russell, appreciated.

  • V5.8.2 has finally been approved, and should be available within the hour.

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