[SOLVED] Cookies 5 cleanup scripts are launched twice

  • Hi,

    I bought Cookies 5 from MAP and installed the scripts as required.
    I'm only using Safari on macOS High Sierra. Every thing works fine.

    The only weird behavior is related to the cleanup scripts. I configured Cookies 5 to automatically cleanup Safari when I quit Safari. What I can observe is that the scripts seems to be launched twice : I can see two notifications : The first one states that xx cookies,xx  local db.... has been deleted from Safari. Then, 10 seconds after that scripts seems to be triggered a second time (10 seconds after the first script) and then displays another notification stating "Nothing to delete"...

    Any idea of why the scripts are lauched 2 times ?



  • ah yes,
    thats because Safari can save more cookies after the first clean, so the second clean is required to get rid of these cookies as well.

  • Ok, make sense.

    Thanks for your answer, I was afraid something failed during installation. I'm happy to see that's the normal behavior.