Differences in Menu and Application

  • Hello,

    First, wanna say I love your app. It had been working very well for me until recently. Attached is a screenshot of the issue. The pop-up application is not registering a change in MAC address and when I click "Randomize" it does nothing.

    HOWEVER, using the menu icon at the top does seem to change the MAC address. But when it does, it is not showing so in the application.

    In the screenshot, you'll see that the menu icon demonstrates two different addresses while the application window is registering no change.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • strange?

    could you try downloading a fresh build:

  • Thank you. I downloaded the build you recommended and it seems to be working now, but I can't seem to find my license from my purchase. Is there any way to recover my license key so I can register the new build?

  • sure thing,
    just send me an email with the email or name you used to purchase

    or did you buy in the Mac App Store?

    [email protected]