Feature Request: support for Firefox profiles

  • Feature request/suggestion: For Cookie to manage multiple Firefox profiles like it does for Chrome.

  • Firefox profile support is really strange.... as far as I know
    you can only use 1 profile at a time, and Cookie currently selects the one which is in use.

    except in the case of Developer Edition, which does use its own profile

  • The ability to have different favorites for each profile would be swell.

  • Just incase we are thinking of different concepts, the Firefox profiles that I am referring to are these:

  • yup,
    thats what I was thinking about

    Ill maybe take another look at this
    no promises though

  • I'm not an expert at all..
    But from a quick look at
    /Application Support/Google/Chrome and /Application Support/Firefox/Profiles it looks like both Chrome and Firefox give each profile its own folder containing all of its own settings, cookies, extensions etc.

    I have two Chrome profiles so there is a folder named "Default" and one named 'Profile 1."
    For Firefox I have four profiles so there are four folders of randomstring.profilename - one for each profile., (with the initial profile named randomstring.default, similar to Chrome)

    Cookie5 shows each Chrome profile separately.
    I wish it could do the same for Firefox profiles.